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5 Tips to Meet OSHA Requirements for Employee Injury

When President Nixon signed the bill legislating and authorizing the implementation of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act) in 1970, new laws went into effect to protect employees working in any industry from work-related injuries and death.

Companies that fail to comply with OSHA safety requirements are subject to stiff penalties and fines; unfortunately, there are still work-related areas that continue to create life-threatening situations for residential construction workers.  In fact, studies show that approximately 40 residential construction workers suffer fatal injuries from falls every year.  OSHA continues to implement new safety measures to prevent these tragedies, but unless the construction companies enforce them with their own employees, the safety measures do little to protect the employees.

Five tips to help meet OSHA requirements include:

  • Perform compliance checks with the workers to ensure all employees working six feet or higher off the ground are protected with the proper equipment and meet OSHA requirements.
  • Ensure that all employees working six feet or higher off the ground are properly trained in using the fall protection equipment.
  • Cite and penalize all employees failing to meet compliance requirements.
  • Require all employees in construction areas to wear proper protective hard hats.
  • Ensure that all scaffolding is at least ten feet away from overhead electrical wiring at all times.

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