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Practice Areas

Appellate Practice

When you need a lawyer with the unique know-how required to endeavor to make a favorable judgment or arbitration award stick, or you need a lawyer who can go the distance to overturn an unfavorable verdict or award, look no further. Our lawyers have extensive experience in handling appeals of all types, from complex business litigation to labor & employment law, in state and federal courts, including the United States Supreme Court. Attention to detail, knowledge of the trial process, and deep understanding of the technicalities of the preservation of error can help you put your best case forward, translating into concrete results for you. Whether you need an appellate lawyer during trial or for an appeal, our lawyers are the ones to call. In the trial court, our lawyers are available to make objections and draft motions for summary judgment, jury charges, and post-trial motions.

Attorney Discipline (see also Legal Malpractice Defense)

We assist lawyers seeking to preserve their law licenses and certifications. For more than twenty-five years Mr. Campbell has defended hundreds of lawyers accused of engaging in unethical conduct in complaints filed with the State Bar of Texas. Those alleged violations have included accusations of lack of diligence, poor communications, unconscionable legal fees, conflicts of interest, improper safe keeping of property, as well as a host of other alleged ethical violations.

We are regularly called upon to provide ethics and risk management seminars for lawyers to assist them in avoiding conduct that might yield a claim or give rise to disciplinary action. The lawyers of our firm regularly have published articles dealing with a wide array of lawyer conduct issues.

Attorney Errors & Omissions

The lawyers of our firm have been defending lawyers for over twenty years. We have defended lawyers in virtually all disciplines of the practice of law. The underlying claims have ranged from simple missed deadline matters to complicated tax, business, probate and real estate transactions.

Our broad base of experience allows us to readily investigate and rapidly develop strategies for the effective defense of each malpractice claim. At the request of some of the carriers with whom we work, we serve as “hot-line” counsel to advise lawyers so insured on means of responding to potential claims and evaluating issues affecting their ethical duties.

Mr. Campbell who leads this section of our practice has regularly testified as an expert witness on the standard of care and on ethical issues affecting lawyers.

Attorney Ethics (see also Legal Ethics Expert)

Our firm is regularly consulted by attorneys seeking advice on the impact and interpretation of the ethical rules governing the practice of law. Our experience ranges from ethical issues typically arising at the initiation of the attorney client relationship through the termination and completion of the representation. We are regularly consulted on confidentiality and privilege issues, conflicts of interest issues, as well as a host of other issues affecting the practice of law. We have written numerous articles and publications and lectured extensively on attorney ethics. We have been designated as ethics hotline counsel by several insurance carriers who provide professional liability insurance for lawyers insured by those carriers. Mr. Campbell regularly testifies on attorney ethics issues in a variety of courts and administrative tribunals.

Attorney Malpractice (see also Legal Malpractice Defense)

Legal malpractice claims brought by former clients are complex and often involve issues related to divulging information about cases and clients. In addition, sometimes these claims must be defended while simultaneously answering a corresponding complaint to the State Bar. This combination of civil and administrative processes cannot be left to the inexperienced. Your reputation as a lawyer and/or the reputation of your firm, as well as a negative financial impact are at stake. We understand legal malpractice, the disciplinary system, and the challenges that permeate the attorney-client relationship. Let our knowledge and experience protect you.

Our attorneys regularly appear as expert witnesses in cases involving attorney misconduct. We are generally considered an expert resource in the area of attorney conduct issues and legal malpractice.


Legal Ethics

Visual Persuasion: Demonstrative Evidence That Informs And Transforms

Business Litigation

For our business clients we provide comprehensive dispute resolution services. Disputes are inevitable in the course of business. However, you do have options when it comes to how to resolve them. Depending on your situation, we will negotiate resolutions that preserve your business relationships while protecting your interests. When dealing with unreasonable parties, we bring significant litigation experience to the table. We will work tirelessly to advocate for your position and protect your interests and goals.

Construction Litigation (see also Construction Litigation Defense)

Read about “Demonstrative Evidence in Construction Disputes” (PDF).

Directors & Officers

The firm has substantial experience in defending directors and officers in a wide variety of D&O claims and coverage matters. The matters we have handled have ranged from litigating deepening insolvency to claims of mismanagement and fraud. We have defended both for profit D&O claim and claims against nonprofit corporations.

We recognize the disruption a company faces when senior management is targeted in litigation, as well as the concomitant public relations concerns. Our experience permits our D&O team to promptly evaluate strategic and cost issues and to defend or resolve disputes in a cost-effective and expeditious manner.

Our D&O experience has led us to deal with a variety of specific areas including creditor “deepening insolvency,” securities, employment issues, concerns, and franchise disputes, among other things. Other areas in which our attorneys have been called upon to defend include commercial disputes, shareholder derivative actions and insurance coverage.

Insurance Agents and Brokers

An important area in the firm’s professional liability practice is representation of insurance agents and brokers. Our firm’s lawyers have litigated disputes throughout Texas involving insurance agents and brokers. The firm has an experienced team of attorneys with broad experience in the business practices of a wide variety of insurance lines, including brokers at every level in the broking process from producers to managing general agents. Our attorneys’ experience in the insurance industry results in effective analysis of the agency relationships between and among the parties and assists us in creating an aggressive defense plan seeking quick resolution wherever possible. We are regularly consulted by insurance agents to evaluate risks to themselves and their firm. Mr. Campbell serves as one of three attorneys nationwide who are available for consultation on the Markel risk management hotline for insurance agents. Of course, not all matters can be resolved by consultation. We regularly defend a broad array of claims asserted against insurance agents and brokers and have obtained successful results both before trial and after trial.

Our experience in representing insurance agents and brokers includes claims arising from natural catastrophes such as the fires, tornadoes as well as flood and hurricane losses. We can draw upon the resources and expertise of the entire firm in responding to issues concerning a broad spectrum of coverage including property, casualty, life, disability and various forms of third-party liability policies. Our goal is always to assist our clients in solving the problems that they face effectively and efficiently.

Labor & Employment Laws (see also Labor & Employment web page)

The body of laws which impact the employment relationship is so large, intricate and unsettled that only experienced attorneys who practice labor and employment law exclusively can provide clients with the highest quality counsel and representation. Since the stakes of government and private legal proceedings can be quite high, a lawyer with specialized expertise in labor and employment law can be invaluable to employers who wish to minimize the risk of a costly proceeding or who strive to have the greatest chance of success in prosecuting or defending an employment-related legal action.

A Board Certified shareholder with more than 20 years of quality experience practicing labor and employment law exclusively, leads this practice group and makes us well suited to counsel and represent employers in even the most complex labor and employment law matters. These matters include the following: Employment discrimination in all forms, including harassment; labor relations; whistleblower protection; leave from work for family, medical or military reasons; wage and hour; employee benefits; occupational safety and health; federal contract compliance; wrongful discharge and other employment-related torts; direct and vicarious liability of employers and supervisors; protection of trade secrets and proprietary information; HIPAA; Sarbanes-Oxley; plant closings; employee testing and leasing; employee handbooks; employment and severance agreements; and employee handbooks.

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