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Lawyer Conduct Issues

Is Judicial Error A Superseding Cause That Can Defeat A Lawyer Malpractice Claim? By Bruce A. Campbell. Plus Journal, October 2016

Can a Defendant Rely on an “Advice-of-Counsel” Defense? by Bruce A. CampbellDRI Today, September 24, 2010.

Sanctions for Non-Practicing Licensed Attorneys, by Bruce A. CampbellDRI Today, September 2, 2010.

A Viewpoint on Disclosure of Malpractice Insurance by Texas Lawyers, by Bruce A. CampbellAmerican Bar Association, July 2010.

Proposals Would Affect Conflict-of-Interest RulesTexas Lawyer, May 17, 2010

Comment on Disciplinary Rules’ Proposed Amendments, by Bruce A. CampbellTexas Lawyer, December 28, 2009.

It’s Time to Speak Up: Don’t Miss Out on Debate Over Professional Liability Insurance, by Bruce A. CampbellTexas Lawyer, October 30, 2009.

Collectability, Deductibility, and Recoverability, by Bruce A. Campbell. Texas Lawyer, June 9, 2009.

Going Up: Elevator Clauses, Client Consent, and Increased Billing Rates, by Bruce A. Campbell. Texas Lawyer, January 26, 2009.

Social Networking Sites Pose Risks for Lawyers and Would-Be Attorneys, by Bruce A. Campbell. Texas Lawyer, December 15, 2008.

A Primer on What Lawyers Can Say About Judges, by Bruce A. Campbell. Texas Lawyer, August 4, 2008.

The Risks Of Drafting Wills For Family And Friends, by Bruce A. Campbell. Texas Lawyer, April 28, 2008.

Reflections on Ethical Issues in the Tripartite Relationship, by Bruce A. Campbell.

In Search of Consistency In Ethics Rules, by Bruce A. Campbell. Texas Lawyer, January 28, 2008.

Be Careful What You Say: A Lawyer May Be Recording You! by Bruce A. Campbell. PLUS Journal, September 2007.

Recent Legal Malpractice Issues for Estate Planning and Probate Lawyers, by Bruce A. Campbell [PDF]

Will Going Bare Become Fashionable? by Bruce A. Campbell [PDF]

To Squeal or Not To Squeal? A thinking Lawyers Guide to Rule 8.03 – by Bruce A. Campbell; Reprinted by the Florida Coastal Law Journal.

Lady or the Tiger? by Bruce A. Campbell, Florida Coastal Law Journal.

Avoiding Foreclosure of Your Law License – Dallas Bar Real Estate Section.

Due Process Denied: Loss of Investigatory Hearing Means Loss of Confrontation Rights by Bruce A. Campbell

Money Issues That Can Bite You by Bruce A. Campbell and Stephanie N. Davenport

Can I Lie To You? by Bruce A. Campbell  NOTE: A complete copy of this paper is available upon written request

Lawyer Conduct-Family Law by Bruce A. Campbell

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Linda Thomas – Chief Justice, Fifth District Court of Appeals

Update on Lawyer Conduct Issues For The Worker’s Compensation Lawyer by Bruce A. Campbell

Ethical Curve Balls for Insurance Coverage Lawyers by Bruce A. Campbell [PDF]


Labor & Employment Law Updates

Are Unpaid internships in the For-Profit Business Sector on the Brink of Extinction? (November 2013)

Breaking Bad: The EECC’s New Credibility Gap (August 2013)

Why are Obese Individuals Faring Better in Disability Discrimination Lawsuits? (August 2012)

Do Employers Need to be Concerned about Office Romance? (May 2012)

Is it Unlawful to Shun Unemployed Job-Seekers in Recruiting and Hiring? (May 2011)

Supreme Court Endorses Yet Another Means of Proving Intentional Discrimination (March 2011)

Can the Language of a Social Media Policy Violate the National Labor Relations Act? (November 2010)

Mighty Mouse: Cyber Bullying in the Workplace! (October 2010) 

New State Laws Protect Applicants With Poor Credit History Or Criminal Records (September 2010)

Titans v. Trojans: Tortious Interference with Contract in the Spotlight! (August 2010)

Texas Supreme Court Continues To Tighten Caps On Damages For Sexual Harassment (June 2010)

GINA Claims Begin! (May 2010)

Medical Marijuana Use By Employees: Another Quandary For Employers (April 2010)

Worker Classifications: The Auditors Are Coming! The Auditors Are Coming! (February 2010)

Another Year of Big Overtime Pay Suits and Settlements (December 2009) 

Top EEOC Priorities Reflected In Recent Lawsuits By Agency Against Texas Employers (November 2009)

Is The Economy Affecting Texas Verdicts And Settlements? (October 2009)

Employment Discrimination: The Thinning Tight Rope For Employers (August 2009)

Electronic Productivity And Mobility Tools: Have You Lost Control Of Your Trade Secrets? (July 2009)

Discrimination Claims Jump To Record Levels! (May 2009)

President Barack Obama Signs New WageDiscrimination Law (February 2009)

Yet Another Door Is Opened By U.S. Supreme Court For Retaliation Claimants! (January 2009)

What Do Employers Risk By Cutting Legal Corners To Weather The Current Economic Storm? (December 2008)

Who Is Disabled Now? The “New” Americans With Disabilities Act (October 2008)

The 2008 Election: What’s At Stake For Employers? (September 2008)

A Sign Of The Times: Mass Layoffs On The Rise! (July 2008)

Ghosts of 1866: Supreme Court Confirms Breadth Of Anti-Retaliation Laws (May 2008)

It’s Still Open Season On ERISA Fiduciaries And The Hunters Have A New Weapon! (March 2008)

Effective Immediately: New FMLA Leave Entitlements For Military Families! (Febraury 2008)

Nowhere To Hide: GPS Tracking Of Mobile Employees (January 2008)

It’s Open Season On ERISA Fiduciaries! Are You An Unsuspecting Target? (October 2007)

Responding To Complaints Of Sexual Harassment: Dos And Don’ts For Avoiding Potential Liability (September 2007)

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Employee Drug Abuse (August 2007)

What Looms Beyond January 1, 2008? Part II: The Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Regulations (July 2007)

Are You Ready For January 1, 2008? Part I: The Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Regulations (July 2007)

Supreme Court Upholds Shorter Deadlines for Glass Ceiling Claims (June 2007)

Violence in the Workplace (April 2007)

Is Your Teen Workforce in Compliance with Child Labor Laws? (March 2007)

Information Gap Regarding 401(k) Fees Spawns Wave of Lawsuits (December 2006)

Silent But Deadly: Inappropriate E-mails in the Workplace (October 2006)

The Heat is On! Government Agencies Address Outdoor Work (August 2006)

Travel Time for Hourly Paid Employees (August 2006)

Are The Flood Gates Open For Retaliation Claims? (July 2006)

National Origin And Citizenship Discrimination in the Workplace (May 2006)

FMLA: What You Do or Say Can Be Held Against You (May 2006)

Sexual Orientation in the Private Workplace (February 2006)

Supreme Court Again Addresses Evidentiary Burdens in Bias Cases (February 2006)

Did You Know that You Can Be Sued For . . . (December 2005)

Association Discrimination: The New Frontier of Employment Litigation? (November 2005)

What is Compensable Time? (November 2005)

Collective Actions: The Golden Horde of the 21st Century (October 2005)

Retiree Health Plans Revisited (October 2005)

Workplace Issues in the Aftermath of Katrina (September 2005)

Is there New Life for Disability Discrimination Claims? (September 2005)

Personal Liability: The Growing Menace for Employers and Senior Management (August 2005)

Sexual Favoritism in the Workplace (August 2005)

Yes, Virginia, There are Sanctions for Frivolous Lawsuits (July 2005)

Work Rules Can Violate the NLRA (July 2005)

Religion in the Workplace (June 2005)

The Price of Poorly Written Separation Agreements (June 2005)

Preventing Identity Theft in the Workplace (May 2005)

Four Categories of Discrimination (April 2005)

Supreme Court Clarifies Reach of the ADEA (April 2005)

Retiree Health Benefits (April 2005)