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Ethical Issues For Family Lawyers

Practicing family law can be very rewarding for Texas attorneys, but there are some challenges when you are representing clients in connection with their closest relationships. Family law is toward the top of the list of practice areas for grievances received by the State Bar of Texas, though many of the issues can be resolved […]


Real Estate Agent Liability

Considering that a home is the most important purchase many people make during their lifetimes, it is not surprising that the job of a real estate agent is highly regulated to protect the public. Violations of Texas Real Estate Commission regulations or common law agency principles can mean serious problems for real estate agent liability. […]


Insurance Agents Liability

The Texas Department of Insurance regulates the insurance industry and takes enforcement actions as necessary to protect the public. However, as an insurance agent, there may be additional consequences: You can be sued by a client for breach of the duties arising out of your business relationship. Both statutory and case law define your legal […]