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Top 3 Reasons Real Estate Agents Get Sued in Texas

Considering the details of contracts, juggling multiple clients, and handling high value properties; it is easy to see why real estate agents are vulnerable to lawsuits. Slight mistakes or compliance issues not only cost you money, time, and stress, but they can also impact your reputation. You should always discuss potential risks or questions with […]


Protect Yourself Against Insurance Agent Liability in Texas

Insurance agents and brokers may take play different roles in the industry; but there is one common factor that they share: They are vulnerable to lawsuits by policyholders over claims because of their visibility as “middlemen,” not because they have done anything wrong under Texas Department of Insurance regulations. The threat of litigation alleging insurance […]


Common Causes of Action Against Texas Homeowners’ Associations

Even when you are confident you are doing everything right and complying with the Texas Uniform Condominium Association Act (Act), lawsuits against Texas homeowners’ associations are more common than you expect. It is understandable that homeowners want to do everything they can to protect their valuable investment, but these claims can get stakeholders and management […]